20230504 Harta (Hungary) to Zmajevac (Crotia)

I woke up at 6am at the Zorandokszallas Pilgerherberge (pilgrim house) and had the left over freeze dried scrambled eggs and two cups of coffee. Wrote Juhasne a nice thank you note in their guest book (google translated to Hungarian). 

On the EV6 trail I stopped to put on some butt cream and while I had my hand inside my pants of course a couple cycling passed me. I saw what I believe was a large couple of metre long sturgeon rise up and bite a stick floating by, and  took a photo from some distance. I later caught up to couple and had a nice chat with the wife who spoke English. I think they were about my age (69). They started cycling from Switzerland on April 14 and I think they were finishing in Belgrade. The husband told his wife the pace was making him tired, so I said farewell and returned to my normal speed. 

Soon afterwards I noticed my rear tire was getting flat and stopped to pump it up. I didn’t see any escaping tubeless tire sealant so hoped the leak was sealed. 

I stopped in Baja for lunch … a large pizza, coke and double expresso. Afterwards I noticed my tire was getting flat and my brakes were squealing terribly, so I stopped at the Rausch Kft bicycle store. There was almost no tubeless tire fluid left (even though I had added some before this trip). Unfortunately they couldn’t add more sealant as they only had an electric low pressure bike air pump. So we added an inner tube. The mechanic also cleaned the brake pads and rotors so they didn’t seem to squeal. The rest of the day the tire was fine but the brakes started to squeal, but much less than before. 

Around 150k I went off the route a few km to go into Zmajevac to get some food before camping. I asked the store clerk about paid camping but she didn’t think there was anything nearby. So I continued back to and along the trail to about 160 km where I saw an old small derelict shed that would do for camping. Unfortunately the police showed up to say that camping was only allowed in paid camping grounds. And told me about Camping Suza Baranje that was in Suza a few kms past Zmajevac where I had just been. So I was forced to bike back. In Zmajevac I  decided to get a room at Baranjski Dvori for 50 euro. The owner gave me a couple of glasses of nice local white wine and some cake. Looking foward to another enjoyable day of riding along the Danube River trail … hopefully with no more bike problems. 


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