20230506 Bačka Palanka to Pančevo, Serbia

Riden today 163 km. Riden total 585.  On Route at 579 km. Also rode 8 km in Pančevo with my new Serbian buddies (see below).

This will be a short blog as it is past midnight…because today has been the best kind of serendipity. The ride was ok but there were some long climbs and lots of roads and heavy traffic…as well as some very off road dike rides.

The real interest serendipity part started when I got to my booking.com aprtment stay in Pančevo (just east of Belgrade), Serbia. My Hungarian SIM card doesn’t work in Serbia as it isn’t part of the EU. So I had no way of reaching the host. Very serendipitous two guys (David and Nenad) showed up (one with an apartment in the same building) and offered to help. They contacted the host, rode their bikes a quite a few kms with me to the host to get the key, helped me install a Serbian SIM card, went out and sampled a local brewery’s beer (my treat) and talked on a wide range of interesting topics, including Serbia and region (current and history), Jordon Peterson (who was cured of an anti-depressant addiction in Serbia) and art in gaming software and graphic novels (their jobs).

I have decided to change routes from the 4000 km Eurovelo 6 plus 13 to the 3,000 km Eurovo 13 Budapest to Black Sea back to Belgrade … https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42554061

…so I have can have the time to enjoy the country and people along the way.

The photos are in reverse order.


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