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My Blogs

I hope to use these blogs to share with you my love, experiences and thoughts on cycling — and also to connect with you and hear about yours. Maybe we can even do some bikepacking trips together.  


I am 65 (born March 8, 1954), married to a wonderful woman, blessed with two bright daughters, and retired from a rewarding IT career. I love cycling (especially bikepacking adventures), being a cycling and refugee advocate (www.bikeswithoutborders.org, martinluther.ca), and exploring the world (on and off a bike). 

I love bikepacking adventures abroad, such as the Tour Divide bikepacking race (NA Rockies)(2013), Tour Aotearoa bikepacking race (NZ)(2017), and Peru Andes Divide bikepacking trip (2019). Locally in Ontario I’ve also enjoyed the Butter Tart 700, Grand Nith Ramble 350, and the Cannonball 300 bikepacking races (all in 2019). As well in 2017 I did my own Toronto – Ottawa – Montreal – Toronto 1,356k 8 day mostly off-road bikepacking trip.    

For 2020 I plan to do a combined BT700 plus GNR350 bikepacking race. I’ll also be doing some XC and gravel races. 

For 2021 I plan to do a Peru southern loop bikepacking trip of about 2,400k and 40 days. Read more here.  

I consider myself lucky to be a member of the Cyclepath Oakville Race Team and have as our primary sponsor Cyclepath Oakville, who really know bikes and provide us with amazing support.

My Bikes

See my Bikes page for more information.

Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 1 (2018): I use this full-suspension mountain bike for xc races and rides. 

Trek Procaliber 9.8 SL (2016): I use this hardtail mountain bike for bikepacking races and rides involving rougher trails, such as the 3,000km Aotearoa bikepacking race.  

Giant Revolt Advanced 2 (2020): I use this gravel bike for riding just about anywhere, from city to the Butter Tart 700 bikepacking race. 

My Gear

See my Gear page for more detailed information.

  • Bikepacking Bags: 
    • Porcelain Rocket. Horton handlebar system; frame bag; Fuzion seatpack
    • Revelate Designs: Gas Tank; Feedbag (2); Polecat (2);   
  • Dynamo Hubs:
    • Schmidt SON-28 15mm TA on my Procaliber
    • Shutter Precision PD-7 12mm TA on my Revolt.
  • Lights:
    • KLite Bikepacker PRO Light.
    • KLight Dual USB USB Charger. 
    • Bontrager ION Pro RT


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