20221005 ONXL Day 28 Tweed to Lindsay

20221005 ONXL Day 28. Today 143k for 3,471k total. From Tweed (Park Place Motel) to Lindsay (Linda’s). For breakfast had sushi rolls, yogurt, Today mostly on the Trans Canada Trail. From Tweed to Campbellford the surface can be covered in large rock and is used primarily by ATVs (I saw no other cyclists). Near Hasting to Lindsay the (Lang-Hasting) trail surface is excellent, signed no ATV, and I saw many hikers and cyclists. Sign said that the trail received no municipal funding and was maintained by volunteers. There were many donated benches along the trail. It felt like I was in Quebec. I arrived at Linda’s about 5:15pm in time to have homemade dinner with her and get caught up on each other’s news. I also met Linda’s daughter Amy and her two children Sawyer and Violet.

Here’s my Relive videos and with photos:

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