20221001 ONXL Day 24

Today 107k for 2,972k. On the Log Driver's Waltz from Ladysmith (camping) to Gracefield (Carpe Diem's store). This was a relatively short 107k day as (a) I had a non-refundable b&b booked for tomorrow in Wakefield, (b) I got almost no sleep last night due to the Oktoberfest concert and rv generator noise, and (c) … Continue reading 20221001 ONXL Day 24

20220930 ONXL Day 23

Today 167k for 2,865k. On the Log Driver's Waltz from Calabogie Ontario (Highlands Golf Resort) to Ladysmith Quebec (camping). Longer but much easier day. Had dinner and beer at the Ladysmith Hotel Pub. Then went to the Community Centre grounds to free camp. Turns out they're having a huge Octoberfest weekend with the rock band … Continue reading 20220930 ONXL Day 23

20220929 ONXL Day 22

Today 135k for 2,698k. On the Log Driver's Waltz route from Sharbot Lake (Rockhills B&B) to Calabogie (Highlands Golf Resort). With 2,114m it was the biggest day of climbing this trip. I'm tired but otherwise feeling fine. Besides the great scenery, my high point was having Steve in Lavant give me two bottles of water … Continue reading 20220929 ONXL Day 22

20220928 ONXL Day 21

Today 149k for 2,563k. On the Log Driver's Waltz route from Carleton Place (Ricky and Margret) to Sharbot Lake (RockHillBB.ca). I really enjoyed riding this section as the dirt roads or trail services were generally very good, the countryside was beautiful with the leaves changing, and there was almost no traffic. Last two days I … Continue reading 20220928 ONXL Day 21

20220925 ONXL Day 18

Today 115k for 2,411k. From Sharbot Lake (rockhillbb.ca b&b) to Ottawa (Ricky and Margret's (RM)). Yesterday I woke up with very itchy poison ivy bumbs and rash on many parts of my body. Must have got it on the many overgrown parts of the Ganaraska the day before. Unfortunately the Birksglen Park in Bewdley didn't … Continue reading 20220925 ONXL Day 18

20220924 ONXL Day 17

Today 177k for 2,296k. From Bewdley (Birchglen Park campground) to Sharbot Lake (rockhillbb.ca b&b). My right shoulder was really hurting (like last year's ONXL attempt) all day. So I mostly took the shortest route to rockhillbb.ca in Sharbot Lake … which I highly recommend as a place to stay. I woke up today in Bewdley … Continue reading 20220924 ONXL Day 17

20220923 ONXL Day 16

Today 98k for 2,119k. From near Coppins Corners (free camping) to Bewdley (campground but no facilities). Very slow slog through Ganaraska deep sand and trails blocked with fallen trees … so much that Ganaraska Conservation Area closed their trails because of storm damage. Also several video calls with Anneli about how to set the thermostat … Continue reading 20220923 ONXL Day 16

20220922 ONXL Day 15

Today 103k for 2,021k. From near Palgrave (at Sarah Caylor's home) to near Coppins Corners (camping). Following the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail. Km 23 to 27 will need a reroute as it is through farmers fields that are so densely packed with corn or soybeans or weeds that even hiking is almost impossible. The four … Continue reading 20220922 ONXL Day 15

20220921 ONXL Day 14

Today 146k for 1918k. From Collingwood (at David and Gail Jeffries) to Palgrave (at Sarah Caylor). David in the morning drove me back to where I left the route yesterday. I enjoyed riding the Blue Mountain trails with the amazing views of Georgian Bay. My legs were tired from yesterday's hefty climbing, so today's climbing … Continue reading 20220921 ONXL Day 14

20220920 ONXL Day 13

Today 143k for 1772k. Meaford to Collingwood. Staying with great friends Jeffries, who tomorrow will drive me back to where I left the route. Today the hills were brutal and many of the roads newly plowed, making  cycling a hard slow slog. Enjoyed the several sections of single track. Here's the Relive video with photos: … Continue reading 20220920 ONXL Day 13