20230521 Tourist in Bucharest, Romania

From the train station I rode carefully through the busy wide multi-lane streets of Bucharest to my small cheap $43C a night "Hostel Tripoli" near the old city core. After checking in to the hotel I researched and made a list of top Bucharest attractions in the old city and set out walking to see … Continue reading 20230521 Tourist in Bucharest, Romania

20230520 Tourist in Constanta, Bulgaria.

Yesterday I planned my train trip to Bucharest for Sunday and for Tuesday booked a plane ticket from Bucharest to Toronto. I had earlier asked (by email) the train company about taking my bicycle on the train from Constanta to Bucharest. They had answered that they had trains with special cars for passengers with bicycles. … Continue reading 20230520 Tourist in Constanta, Bulgaria.

20230508 Cezava to Tekija, Serbia

Riden today 83 km for total 808 km. On Route at 808 km Woke up in my tent cold and stiff. Forecast was rain until noon. Luckily it hadn't started yet so I dismantled my tent and moved everything including my bike under the common shelter. I had a breakfast of freeze dried scrambled eggs, … Continue reading 20230508 Cezava to Tekija, Serbia

Checking in my bike box at Toronto airport

All my bags are packedI'm ready to goI'm standin' here ... ... at the oversize luggage check-in, but my bike box won't fit in the xray machine as it's the same size as used for regular luggage! Only long thin skiis or golfclub bags would fit into this machine. The security agent apologizes as he … Continue reading Checking in my bike box at Toronto airport

Silca Synergetic wet lube

I think Silca Synergetic Wet Lube is the best chain lube for long distance cycling. On my latest 3,600 km bikepacking trip (on 68% gravel/dirt roads and trails) I used about less than a third of a two-ounce bottle. Every two to three days I would give my chain a quick cleaning rub with a … Continue reading Silca Synergetic wet lube

20221004 ONXL Day 27 Carleton Place to Tweed.

20221004 ONXL Day 27. Today 139k for 3,328k. From Carleton Place (Ricky & Margret's) to Tweed (Park Place Motel). Ricky drove me from Ottawa to Carleton Place as I had already ridden this section. Today was mostly on the Trans Canada Trail (TCT), which was in reasonably good shape for riding with only short sections … Continue reading 20221004 ONXL Day 27 Carleton Place to Tweed.

20221003 ONXL Day 26

20221003 ONXL Day 26. Today 109k for 3,189k. On the Log Driver's Waltz from Wakefield (Auberge de Mon Petit Chum B&B) to Ottawa (great friends Ricky and Margret). Today included 1,626m of extremely tough climbing almost entirely on the amazing trails in Gatineau park. My legs were burnt toast when I finished for the day. … Continue reading 20221003 ONXL Day 26

My 2021 biggest climb

My 2021 biggest day of climbing was 2,229 m over 144 km on 2021-09-05 day 3 (of 16) of my ONXL epic bikepacking ride of 2,000kms through parts of Ontario and Quebec. From my 2021-09-05 blog: Today we (Hal Judd and I) were on a route called "Hasty Highlander", which I have renamed "Hellishly Hilly … Continue reading My 2021 biggest climb

My 2021 longest ride

https://ridewithgps.com/trips/72120354 My 2021 longest ride was 237 km. I did this single day ride 2021-07-28 from our cottage on Little Lake, around the Simcoe County Loop Trail and back to our cottage. I was on my Trek Procaliber with bikepacking bags as I was testing and training for my September epic bikepacking trip. Because I … Continue reading My 2021 longest ride