Specialized Recon 3 Mountain Bike Shoes deliver comfort, efficiency and durability

After completing a 3,600 km bikepacking trip I can report that my new Specialized Recon 3.0 mountain bike shoes deliver comfort, efficiency and durability. For the last many years, I have been experiencing severe foot pain on long 24-hour bike races and bikepacking trips, with shoes from Shimano, Giro and Bontrager. Thankfully with the Recon … Continue reading Specialized Recon 3 Mountain Bike Shoes deliver comfort, efficiency and durability

20220909 Day 2 ONXL bikepacking trip

Today 147k for 297k total. On the GNR route From St Jacobs to Dundas Valley past Hamilton. Thanks to Matthew Kadey for riding a lot of his GNR route single track with me today. Thanks also to Matthew for his collection of routes that I used to create my ONXL route. Left the route to … Continue reading 20220909 Day 2 ONXL bikepacking trip

20220908 Day 1 ONXL bikepacking trip

Today 150k of 3,500k planned route. Toonto to just south of St Jacobs by the Conestogo River and enjoyed a Block Three Brewing beer. Howling coyotes and screeching owls were interesting!Cheers…GregLife is like a bicycle. To keep your balance you have to keep moving. -- Albert Einstein Check out 20220908 ONXL Day 1 Relive video … Continue reading 20220908 Day 1 ONXL bikepacking trip

Today starting my Ontario Epic Bikepacking Route (ONXL)

Today I’m starting my 3,500km Ontario Epic Bikepacking Route (ONXL) for fun and to raise funds for an amazing charity https://bikeswithoutborders.org/. To help them empower marginalized people by providing them with a free refurbished bicycle please make a charitable donation at https://www.canadahelps.org/en/pages/bikepack-ontario-epic-4000km-fundraising-ride-for-/. I created this ONXL route (https://ridewithgps.com/collections/17901) of about 3,500km from some of the … Continue reading Today starting my Ontario Epic Bikepacking Route (ONXL)

20210918 ONXL day 16 and home!

Today was home stretch, as I decided to not continue the ride and head home, as my shoulder pain wasn't getting better and my throat infection (due to a saliva gland stone) was getting worse. I broke the ride into Aurora to Palgrave (following the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail (ORMT)) and then south to Toronto … Continue reading 20210918 ONXL day 16 and home!

20210917 ONXL day 15

Bewdley to Aurora was going to be following the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail and be about 140k. But the trail was such soft sand with constant steep climbs and careful descents, that it took me about four hours to do the first 34k to hwy 35. Much of the time I was ploughing rim deep … Continue reading 20210917 ONXL day 15

20210916 ONXL day 14

So I can get home on Saturday I decided to do a long 178k ride from Sharbot Lake to a glamping airbnb near  Bewsley (east end of Rice Lake). I took the shortest route possible, which was Trans Canada Trail from Sharbot Lake to Tweed and then road to Campbellford and then to Bewsley. I … Continue reading 20210916 ONXL day 14

20210915 ONXL day 13

My friends Ricky and Margret fed me a great breakfast and provided homemade peanut butter and marmalade wraps for the ride. It had rained in the night but had cleared and I even had a tail wind. I mostly rode the trails out of Ottawa (along with all the kids going to school). I took: … Continue reading 20210915 ONXL day 13

20210914 ONXL day 12 rest

So today was a well needed and enjoyed rest day with great friends Ricky and Margret. Ricky and I have been friends since High School! Since I arrived last night they have looked after me with great food, doing my laundry, helping me get to a physiotherapist to have my shoulder taped to hopefully reduce … Continue reading 20210914 ONXL day 12 rest

20210913 ONXL day 11

Wakefield to Ottawa 102k and 1,327m of climbing. Despite being the shortest distance, today's ride was the toughest because: my shoulder was very painful, there was probably the largest portion of rough tough mountain bike trails and there were some really steep and very long climbs on the rough mtb trails (see the photo with … Continue reading 20210913 ONXL day 11