2020-07-18 BT700 finished with summary

#bt700bikepacking Finished 762k in 4 days, 84.5 hrs (40.3 hrs moving). Day 1 was great 270k to Wiarton Willy’s Inn but heat was tiring. Day 2 rain and light gps metal mount breaking (rough stone trails vibration) meant reached only 420k and camped overlooking Blue Mountain. Day 3 the brutal heat while crawling up brutal climbs broke me, couldn’t keep food down, so took some of the route’s easier detours, reached 608k and tented at Linda and Craig’s in Mono Centre…including dinner, shower and long good sleep. Day 4 enjoyed the ride (except the hot climbs) including visiting Sarah and Scott finished about 12 hours longer than last year’s route (48k shorter) with the major cause being the heat. Beer and Sleep at best friends Wayne and Dawn’s. Was not up to continuing and doing the GNR 356k as well. September will do the GNR as a slow multi day ride visiting each the ten brewers…join me? 😃

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