2020-09-15 Muskoka Lakes 150k loop to test bikepacking setup

Did a 150k loop today of the Muskoka Lakes with a camp out tonight. Wanted to test my bikepacking setup for an upcoming Grand Nith Ramble brewery tour bikepacking trip with some friends. The ride was great, the bike and gear worked well, helped by having a brew at Sawdust City Brewing in Gravenhurst and … Continue reading 2020-09-15 Muskoka Lakes 150k loop to test bikepacking setup

2020-07-18 BT700 finished with summary

#bt700bikepacking Finished 762k in 4 days, 84.5 hrs (40.3 hrs moving). Day 1 was great 270k to Wiarton Willy's Inn but heat was tiring. Day 2 rain and light gps metal mount breaking (rough stone trails vibration) meant reached only 420k and camped overlooking Blue Mountain. Day 3 the brutal heat while crawling up brutal … Continue reading 2020-07-18 BT700 finished with summary

Peru bikepacking loop in 2021?

Anyone care to join me on a southern Peru bikepacking loop in probably September 2021? It will start with a couple of days of acclimatization in Cusco and finish in Cusco and will be the combination of the following three routes described on bikepacking.com: https://bikepacking.com/routes/cones-canyons-peru-divide/ 835k. Abancay south to Arequipa.https://bikepacking.com/routes/el-camino-de-la-puma/ 571k. Arequipa north section of … Continue reading Peru bikepacking loop in 2021?