20200925-27 GNR brewery tour bikepacking trip with amazing friends!

The Grand Nith Ramble (GNR) Bikepacking Route (http://www.bt700.ca/gnr-bikepacking-route.html) created by Matthew Kadey (thanks Matt!) rewards cyclists with: an epic 350k ride through mostly rural central Ontario countryside; a large network of doubletrack and singletrack trail riding along the Grand River, through the forests of Dundas Valley Conservation Area, Puslinch Track, Drydan Track, Little Track and Sudden Track; beautiful Sherman and Canterbury falls; picture-worthy river and hilltop views; quite country gravel roads; historic steel truss bridges crossing the pretty Nith River; and many local excellent breweries to help quench a riders thirst.

When I rode the GNR in 2019 as a solo time trial race, I was blown away by this epic ride, but didn’t have time to really enjoy it. So I floated the idea of a three day GNR Brewery Tour and I was blessed that the following friends joined me (Greg Andre-Barrett*) for all* or part of it: Chris Blacklock*, David Stowe*, Hal Judd*, Jeff Shikaze, Kaitlyn Shikaze*, Sarah Shikaze, Steve Shikaze, Matthew Kadey, Tabi Ferguson, Sarah Caylor, Scott Smiciklas, Michael Tourand and Wayne Kornelsen. We were also blessed with three sunny warm days.

Here’s our bikepacking trip photos and videos … https://photos.app.goo.gl/vFEfSsmwQQQgNEHKA

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