Toronto loop ride on beautiful serene trails of 72kms

This cycling route is one of my local favourites and illustrates why Toronto is consistently rated one of the top cities to live in the world. About 67k (93%) of 72k of this route is on paved trails…primarily the Humber River Trail, Waterfront Trail, Don River Trail and the Finch Corridor Trail. Spinning along these winding trails you get to bath in nature, surrounded by trees, parks, waterways (Humber River, Don River, Lake Ontario), birds, deer, fox, coyote, and even beaver. There are many many kilometres of side dirt trails that you can explore for even more fun. The trails can be a little crowded on weekends, but I still enjoy a good ride by using my bell to let people know I’m coming, and passing on the grass if necessary.

This route can be enjoyed in either direction, although riding into the wind is tougher on the more open Finch Corridor Trail. From the start to Old Mill is on road as this section of the Humber River Trail is temporarily closed for construction. The section from 47k to 49k on the Finch Corridor Trail can be changed to go north (instead of south) of the reservoir through G Ross Lord Park.

Below is a Ride With GPS route link and a video highlighting parts of the route from a ride on 2021-05-10.

The above 72k route can be extended to 91k by adding on an out-and-back on the Humber River West Trail —

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