My ONXL Bikepack Ontario Epic 4,100km ride starts September 3rd!

For this epic bikepacking route and ride I have to thank Matthew Kadey for laying down the following challenges on his BT 700 Bikepacking site…

Those who are really ambitious will combine both the GNR and BT 700 in what I call the BT XL. Also complete the Cannonball 300 route at any time and you are in the Ontario bikepacking Triple Crown. Or go big and tackle the ONXL: Ontario Bikepack Collective which is a collection of all the major bikepacking routes in Ontario and into Quebec. 

Matthew Kadey

In 2019 I completed Matthew’s Ontario bikepacking Triple Crown or BT700, GNR and CB300. So this year I decided to “go big” and create and ride this ONXL Bikepack Ontario Epic route of 4,095 kms (with 30,526 metres of climbing) by combining most of Matthew Kadey’s collection of routes with virtually no overlap. See the route’s description for a list of the routes included. Like other epic rides such as the Tour Divide, I’ll be doing this bikepacking ride self supported in one go. I plan to complete it within a month, riding about 150kms per day. I’m starting September 3rd (tomorrow) in Toronto, doing the eastern half with my friend Hal Judd, and then the western half by myself. I’ll be camping when I can’t find a friend or warmshower host to stay with along the route. 

I am using this ride to raise money for, a Toronto based charity I volunteer at. So please consider donating if you can. $100 helps BWB repair and provide a free bike (along with new helmet, lock and bell) to a marginalized person, empowering them with transportation to access educational, employment, and recreational opportunities.

Packed and ready go!

Happy Trails!
Greg Andre-Barrett

Please consider donating to where $100 helps us provide a repaired used bike, lock and helmet to the marginalized, empowering them with mobility. 

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2 thoughts on “My ONXL Bikepack Ontario Epic 4,100km ride starts September 3rd!

  1. What a courageous and serious goal to set for yourself Greg! You continue to inspire those around you and I’m pleased to call you a friend! Be well and enjoy the ride!


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