20220925 ONXL Day 18

Today 115k for 2,411k. From Sharbot Lake (rockhillbb.ca b&b) to Ottawa (Ricky and Margret’s (RM)). Yesterday I woke up with very itchy poison ivy bumbs and rash on many parts of my body. Must have got it on the many overgrown parts of the Ganaraska the day before. Unfortunately the Birksglen Park in Bewdley didn’t have showers or laundry to wash off the poison ivy oil. Don’t stay there if possible. Forecast is for rain next three days and nights. So I have decided to ride from Sharbot Lake  directly to Ottawa (130k along Trans Canada Trail) and stay and visit with my great friends Ricky and Margret (blessed to have great friends like them) for a couple of days until the rain stops. And rest and get some physio for my painful shoulder and some lotion for the poison ivy. Then hopefully I will feel well enough to ride the Log Drivers Waltz route. Because of the severe pain in my shoulder I took the straightest route to RM’s, which was mostly on the Trans Canada Trail and Ottawa Valley Trail. Luckily only a couple of short light showers. Will stay at RM’s Sep 26th and 27th to avoid the rain and get some physio and healing for my shoulder. Sep 28th, if my shoulder is ok I will ride the Log Driver’s Waltz, else I will take the much easier Waterfront Trail back to home in Toronto. Lucky to have best friends like Ricky and Margret to stay with, make crab apple juice and eat homemade pizza. 

Here’s my Relive videos  and with photos:

To help https://bikeswithoutborders.org/ empower marginalized people with free refurbished bicycles please donate at https://www.canadahelps.org/en/pages/bikepack-ontario-epic-4000km-fundraising-ride-for-/ 


​Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance you have to keep moving. — Albert Einstein​

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