20221004 ONXL Day 27 Carleton Place to Tweed.

20221004 ONXL Day 27. Today 139k for 3,328k. From Carleton Place (Ricky & Margret’s) to Tweed (Park Place Motel). Ricky drove me from Ottawa to Carleton Place as I had already ridden this section.

Today was mostly on the Trans Canada Trail (TCT), which was in reasonably good shape for riding with only short sections with loose larger stones. I met two women taking turns carrying a canoe from Tweed to Kaladar as part of the Toronto to Montreal LeGrandPortage.ca for MS charity fundraiser. If you can please give to both this MS and my Bikes Without Borders fundraiser. In Tweed there was a prescient Smallpox Epidemic 1884 plaque that mentioned the importance of vaccines and other measures. From the Valu-mart I bought some good dinner and breakfast items.

Here’s my Relive videos and with photos:

To help https://bikeswithoutborders.org/ empower marginalized people with free refurbished bicycles please donate at my fundraising ride page: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/pages/bikepack-ontario-epic-4000km-fundraising-ride-for-/

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