Silca Synergetic wet lube

I think Silca Synergetic Wet Lube is the best chain lube for long distance cycling. On my latest 3,600 km bikepacking trip (on 68% gravel/dirt roads and trails) I used about less than a third of a two-ounce bottle. Every two to three days I would give my chain a quick cleaning rub with a rag, put a drop of Synergetic lube on each chain pin, and wipe off the excess. Below is a photo of the chain lube bottle and my chain when I finished the 3,600 km trip. My friend Christopher Bennett also only used half a two-ounce bottle on his 12,500km Trans Canada Bike Race. This chain lube is worth the $33.95C and it lives up to its claimed specifications …

• 2oz bottle
• Up to 12,000mi from a bottle
• Ultra-high wearing
• Ultra-quiet
• All conditions chain lube


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