20220909 Day 2 ONXL bikepacking trip

Today 147k for 297k total. On the GNR route From St Jacobs to Dundas Valley past Hamilton. Thanks to Matthew Kadey for riding a lot of his GNR route single track with me today. Thanks also to Matthew for his collection of routes that I used to create my ONXL route. Left the route to … Continue reading 20220909 Day 2 ONXL bikepacking trip

20220908 Day 1 ONXL bikepacking trip

Today 150k of 3,500k planned route. Toonto to just south of St Jacobs by the Conestogo River and enjoyed a Block Three Brewing beer. Howling coyotes and screeching owls were interesting!Cheers…GregLife is like a bicycle. To keep your balance you have to keep moving. -- Albert Einstein Check out 20220908 ONXL Day 1 Relive video … Continue reading 20220908 Day 1 ONXL bikepacking trip

My 2021 biggest climb

My 2021 biggest day of climbing was 2,229 m over 144 km on 2021-09-05 day 3 (of 16) of my ONXL epic bikepacking ride of 2,000kms through parts of Ontario and Quebec. From my 2021-09-05 blog: Today we (Hal Judd and I) were on a route called "Hasty Highlander", which I have renamed "Hellishly Hilly … Continue reading My 2021 biggest climb