My 2021 biggest climb

My 2021 biggest day of climbing was 2,229 m over 144 km on 2021-09-05 day 3 (of 16) of my ONXL epic bikepacking ride of 2,000kms through parts of Ontario and Quebec.

From my 2021-09-05 blog: Today we (Hal Judd and I) were on a route called “Hasty Highlander”, which I have renamed “Hellishly Hilly Highlander” after today’s 2,229 metres of climbing in 144k. Started with a good breakfast at Greg and Joy Shikaze’s and rode for a couple of hours in light rain. Mostly gravel roads and a few atv trails with water to detour around. And lots of steep climbing. Camping beside East Jeannie Lake. Made a stove single pot meal of bulgar and quinoa, noodle soup and tin salmon. Praying that tomorrow’s forecast of rain until 2pm is wrong and that we can resupply at the Algonquin Outfitters store in 50k.

Here’s a link to my ONXL post trip summary blog with links to my trip’s: RideWithGPS Daily Ride Collection; a Trip Video (that compiles all my Daily Blog videos and photos); and each of my Daily Blogs (with write-up, video and photos).

Happy Trails in 2022! …Greg.
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