20210912 ONXL day 10

Gracefield to Wakefield. 130k and 1,770m of climbing. Some of the steepest longest climbs on this section of the Log Driver's Waltz, which in it's entire 798k has 7,156m. Very glad that with liberal applications of the Voltaren 5% NSAID drug and frequent breaks I was able to manage my shoulder pain. In Gracefield I … Continue reading 20210912 ONXL day 10

20210911 ONXL day 9

Left Shawville 10am after sleeping in, having a huge breakfast and buying flip flops as I lost mine two days ago. My goal was Gracefield 128k and sleeping in a tepee at a private campground. Said goodbye to new bikepacking friends Angela and Ian. Last night they triggered their bear spray (as the safety pin … Continue reading 20210911 ONXL day 9

20210903 ONXL day 1

Day 1 from Toronto to Lindsay was an extremely tough long 190k with lots of mountain bike trails with steep climbs and descents between Ajax and Uxbridge. So lucky to have a good rejuvenating sleep and food in Lindsay at the home of dear friend Linda Boyle. Ready to roll https://youtu.be/wEEO2ygfIfU video created from the … Continue reading 20210903 ONXL day 1