20210912 ONXL day 10

Gracefield to Wakefield. 130k and 1,770m of climbing. Some of the steepest longest climbs on this section of the Log Driver’s Waltz, which in it’s entire 798k has 7,156m.

Very glad that with liberal applications of the Voltaren 5% NSAID drug and frequent breaks I was able to manage my shoulder pain.

In Gracefield I woke and starting breaking camp at 6:30am. Had breakfast at the popular Chez Martin, which took a long time as it is very popular and I was the only one eating outdoors. Got an egg and bacon wrap to go for lunch. Next time I will eat at the Subway, as it is good fast food.

When I rode through Mont Saint Marie parking lot and up one of the trails it was fun to see the encredulous look of the down hill bikers. Saw the same encredulous look on the many groups of road cyclists which must be using this hellishly hilly area to train.

The ride included great scenery including hydro dams, Mont Saint Marie ski hill, vistas from the top of the many hills and the Gatineau River.

I noticed that the Log Driver’s Waltz route in Wakefield had a LDW host offering free camping on their property. So I contacted them.  Genevieve and her husband were on the east coast having just finished and an east coast hike. She said I could use their cabin. When I arrived at their Wakefield address I found a small home built boat like structure. As instructed I called to find where the key was? Genevieve said it wasn’t the boat but directed me to follow the path to their “winter” cabin and the key. See the photos for these amazing home built cabins. Genevieve had told me that there would be no water or electricity. So in Low, the last town before Wakefield, I bought a sandwich, a can of beer made in QC and three bottles of Gatorade. Looking forward to a good sleep in this cozy cabin in the woods.

Tomorrow’s goal is about 120k to stay with friends Ricky and Margret in Ottawa.

Today’s recorded ride …https://ridewithgps.com/trips/75112446

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