20210914 ONXL day 12 rest

So today was a well needed and enjoyed rest day with great friends Ricky and Margret. Ricky and I have been friends since High School! Since I arrived last night they have looked after me with great food, doing my laundry, helping me get to a physiotherapist to have my shoulder taped to hopefully reduce the pain, and most importantly chat and get caught up on each others lives.

My shoulder is still quite painful and riding longer may cause even more permanent damage. Therefore I have decided to ride from Ottawa mostly straight home to Toronto. For about 2,000k or half of my planned 4,100k epic ride…still pretty epic! Then I’m looking forward to enjoying time with my sweetheart Anneli at our cottage in Muskoka.

Tomorrow Wednesday I will take mostly rail trail to Sharbot Lake. Then more rail trail to Campbellford. Then the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail to Palgrave, and then south home to Toronto. About 600k in four to five days (and daily posts) 😃

Happy Trails!
Greg Andre-Barrett

This trip is a fundraiser for the http://www.bikeswithoutborders.org/ charity, where $100 helps us provide a repaired used bike, lock and helmet to the marginalized, empowering them with mobility. 

You can follow my biking blogs from this trip at:

You can follow my ride live: https://ridewithgps.com/users/800737/live_log

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