20210903-18 ONXL Collection of my daily ride records

Collection of my daily ride records: https://ridewithgps.com/collections/34848

Special thanks to the creators of the following bikepacking routes which I enjoyed riding on this trip:

Thanks also to the organizations that create, maintain and promote the following trails which I rode parts of on this trip:

  • Humber River Trail
  • Finch Corridor Recreation Trail
  • Dundas Valley Trail
  • The Great Trail / Trans Canada Trail
  • Waterfront Trail
  • K&P Trail
  • and many other smaller trails

My blogs from this 2,000km bikepacking trip and others are available at:
http://www.bikeswithoutborders.org/ Please donate. For ~$100 we provide a repaired used bike, lock and helmet to a marginalized person, empowering them with mobility. 

Happy Trails!
Greg Andre-Barrett
#BikesWithoutBorders, #AmsterdamBeer, #CyclepathOakville, #HoopdriverBikes, 
#Bikepacking, #BikepackOntario, #ONXLBikepackOntario, #BikepackCanada, #BT700, #HastyHighlander, #LogDriversWaltz, #SharbEchoScramble, #TransCanadaTrail, #WaterfrontTrail, #RideWithGPS 

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