Today starting my Ontario Epic Bikepacking Route (ONXL)

Today I’m starting my 3,500km Ontario Epic Bikepacking Route (ONXL) for fun and to raise funds for an amazing charity To help them empower marginalized people by providing them with a free refurbished bicycle please make a charitable donation at

I created this ONXL route ( of about 3,500km from some of the routes in Matthew Kadey’s collection “ONXL: An Ontario Bikepack Collective” ( 

My planned route is: Toronto north to Caledon East, BT700 west to St Jacobs, Grand Nith Ramble (GNR) south to Hamilton and west to Brantford, around the Great Southwest Loop (GS), GNR to BT700, BT700 clockwise to Palgrave, Oak Ridges Moraine Trail (ORMT) east to Campbellford, Trans Canada Trail (TCT) to Sharbot Lake, Log Drivers Waltz (LDW) clockwise, North of Seven (NOS) west from Sharbot Lake to Campbellford. Hasty Highlander (HH) west to Lindsay, some trails south and west to Toronto.      


Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance you have to keep moving. — Albert Einstein

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3 thoughts on “Today starting my Ontario Epic Bikepacking Route (ONXL)

      1. I’m not a Facebook person I’m afraid. Just Instagram to shamelessly plug my blog haha. Not having time is completely understandable! I hope you’re doing well and you enjoy some of my stuff whenever you get a chance. Stay strong! Jack.


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