20230505 Zmajevac (Crotia) to Bačka Palanka (Serbia) on Eurovelo 6

Today I rode 135 km for a total of 422 km. On my planned route I’m at 379 km. 

The day started well. My host gave me a nice large lunch. The route was pretty nice with long stretches of dike path (a little rough) in the morning. On the dike path the police stopped me and asked for my identification. Same spot as last night where the police forbade me to camp anywhere except a paid camping ground. They also warned about the wild pigs or boars. I also got stung by small wasps several times, including in my shorts!

In Osijek i wanted to visit the old town so took the bike trail to the very large new foot and bicycle bridge. Unfortunately it was closed as not finished. So I had to retrace my steps to the auto bridge. 

In the afternoon I was riding through a town where sections of the road and bike trail were under construction. I had part of my lunch in my knapsack strapped to my rear seat bag. It slipped and hearing it hitting my rear wheel I reached around with one hand to grab it. I hit a bumb in the pavement and crashed. Luckily I only scraped my hand and shoulder and dented my helmet, saving my head but giving me a very stiff neck, and the bike was ok. Feeling pretty sore I decided to stop early. Found a great place for only 20 euros with friendly hosts.


#gregbikingwithoutborders, #cyclepathoakville, #eurovelo, #bikepacking

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