20230521 Struggle getting from Constanta to Bucharest, Romania

This Sunday morning got an email from the bus company that I bought a ticket from, saying their bus can’t take a bicycle. They refunded my ticket. So after an good hotel rooftop breakfast, I rode to the central bus and train station. The multiple bus ticketing offices were closed for Sunday. Mostly mini busses anyway. So I went to the train station. The ticket agent said the train conductor makes the decision whether to allow bicycles as they don’t have a special bicycle car. So I bought a ticket and went and found the train conductor. And he has let me on the train! It departed Constanta 10:50 am and will arrive Bucharest 12:50 pm.

I’ve booked a room to stay Sunday and Monday nights for only $86C in the old town! It is also close to the Giant Romania bike shop that on Monday I plan to get my bike box from. I may even have some time to be a tourist in Bucharist. On Tuesday I’ll get a large Bolt taxi to go to the airport for my Tuesday 2:35 pm flight home!


#gregbikingwithoutborders, #cyclepathoakville, #eurovelo, #bikepacking, #romaniantrains, #romanianbusses

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