20230523 Mulțumiri Mario and Giant Romania for boxing bike and transport!!!

Very special thanks (mulțumiri) to Mario and staff at the Giant Romania store in Bucharest for getting my bike boxed and driving it and me to the airport bus transfer station … for free!!! When I arrived the day before at opening time he was very friendly and helpful. I asked if they could box the bike. I can do this myself but I wanted to use the time to see Bucharest. He asked what my flight time was and how I was getting to the airport. I said probably by calling a Bolt XL vehicle. He explained that Bucharest doesn’t have Bolt or Taxi XL vehicles. He offered to drive me and the box to the airport bus transfer station. The airport bus takes bike boxes and charges for the trip only 3 Lei ($1C). They drove me and the bike box to the bus station, helped me load the box onto the bus, and showed me how to use my credit card to pay the 3 Lei.

Mulțumiri Mario and Giant Romania!

Giant Romania. Strada Traian 98, București 030167. +40 722 244 268. Info@magazinuldebiciclete.ro. Website Magazinuldebiciclete.ro. facebook /giantro. Instagram /giantbicycleromania

Ps. The day got even better when LOT Polish Airlines allowed my bike box as my free checked in baggage!!! The first time ever that an airline hasn’t charged me for a bike box. The only thing I had to do was remove my rear and front handlebar bags so the weight was under 23kg. I attached the front bag to the rear bag and easily carried it in one hand as my carry on bag. Dzięki LOT!


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