20230522 Getting bike boxed and more tourist in Bucharest, Romania

In the morning I biked the short 600m to the Giant Romania bike store, where I hoped to get a box to put my bike in for the flight home. I arrived before the store opened. When the store manager (Mario) arrived on his bicycle he was immediately very friendly and helpful. He asked about my flight departure for timing. Then said they would box up my bike (and give me extra tape in case the airport security opens it), I could come on Tuesday when they opened, and they would take me and the boxed bike to the airport bus transfer station. The bus transfer is the only real way to get a bike box to the airport and it only costs about $1C. Taxis or Bolt don’t have large vehicles that will take a bike box. We chatted a bit and agreed about Romania’s relatively poor level of cycling infrastructure and number of cyclists. There is some cross country mountain biking but very little road or gravel. I will get a group photo tomorrow with Mario, his workmate and the bike box.

Then I did another day of Bucharest site seeing.

The Bucharest Grand Hotel and Natioanal Theatre
Huge streets and traffic. Also statue (1903) for Ion C. Brătianu (1821-1891) 14th Prime Minister.
The headquarters of the Romanian Architects Union. Building modern on the old.
Romanians love to gamble with betting shops and casinos on every corner.
Sculpture to commemorate the 1989 revolution.
Kretzulescu Church (1722)
Small and daring, built in a Brâncovenesc style, the Kretzulescu Church is one of the most eye-catching temples in Bucharest. It is a true survivor and was one of the main witnesses to the end of the Communist period in Romania.
The inside was stunningly beautiful and felt very holy and intimate. Unfortunately photos weren’t allowed inside
Statue of Iuliu Maniu

Located in Revolution Square, the Statue of Iuliu Maniu is shown as a broken man with an unbreakable spirit.
Iuliu Maniu was the prime minister of Romania on three occasions between 1928 and 1933. Because he was an opponent of Soviet influence in Romania, after the Second World War, in 1947, he was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor by the Communist Regime. As it was expected according to his age and to the prison conditions, he died in prison six years later.

Memorial of Rebirth commemorates the struggles and victims of the Romanian Revolution of 1989, which overthrew Communism.
Central University Library Carol I (1893) and statue of Carol I (1839-1914)
The Romanian Athenaeum and Performing Arts Centre (1888)
A four lane traffic circle with parking in the centre! It takes a long time to “walk” around these traffic circles!
Ukranian Embassy
Monument to the Heroes of the Air located in the Aviators’ Square, on Aviators’ Boulevard (1935)
Arcul de Triumf (1922) commemorates Romania’s victory in the First World War and the coronation of King Ferdinand and his wife Marie.
Automated and no charge!
I’ve heard of people going to Romania for cheaper dental and medical work. Today I saw many offices like this one.
…and like this one.
Romanians love flowers!
My first ride on an electric scooter was fun!
For a tasty last Romanian dinner on my hostel’s rooftop patio I had:
-From a Luca Simigeria and Pizza kiosk two different pretzel dough wrapped hot dogs. I could taste why this is a very busy fast food bakery shop chain.
-From Megapan, a more traditional bakery chain, a delicious pastry filled with cream cheese and raisins.
-Choco topping pudding.
-Romanian cabernet sauvignon/pinot noir wine.

Tomorrow I fly home with great memories from this very interesting 2,000 km cycling journey along the Eurovelo 6 Danube River Route, from Budapest, through Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania to Constanta on the Black Sea.


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