20210906 ONXL day 4

Rained most of the night, as we broke camp and for about two hours of riding. Good lunch at Algonquin Outfitters. Really enjoyed the naturalized Old Railway Bike Trail that starts at Mew Lake Campground. Instead of taking the Hasty Highlander route on rough forest access road from Whitney towards Kennaway (as I'm getting a … Continue reading 20210906 ONXL day 4

20210905 ONXL day 3

https://ridewithgps.com/trips/74628279 Today we were on a route called "Hasty Highlander", which I have renamed "Hellishly Hilly Highlander" after today's 2120 metres of climbing in 142k. Started with a good breakfast at Greg and Joy Shikaze's and rode for a couple of hours in light rain. Mostly gravel roads and a few atv trails with water … Continue reading 20210905 ONXL day 3

20210904 ONXL day 2

https://ridewithgps.com/trips/74547874 Only 117 km today to get to Greg and Joy Shikaze's home near Haliburton. Still lots of hills to climb and really sandy rail trail to plow through. Then Greg and Joy served up an amazing 5 star gourmet meal outside around their firepit with beer, wine and whisky. Happy Trails!Greg Andre-Barrett Follow my … Continue reading 20210904 ONXL day 2

20210904 ONXL day 2 Lunch in Kinmount

Lunch in Kinmount. Hard boiled egg from Linda Boyle my host last night. Fenlon Falls beer, spinach pie and chocolate chewy square from small food fair right on the rail trail. Only 55k to Greg Shikaze's home. Life is good on two wheels. Happy Trails!Greg Andre-Barrett Follow my blogs from this trip at:https://gregbikingwithoutborders.blog/https://www.facebook.com/GregBikingWithoutBordershttps://instagram.com/gregbikingwithoutborders  http://www.bikeswithoutborders.org/ where … Continue reading 20210904 ONXL day 2 Lunch in Kinmount

20210903 ONXL day 1

https://ridewithgps.com/trips/74483125 Day 1 was an extremely tough 190k with lots of mountain bike trails with steep climbs and descents. Rejuvenating sleep and food in Lindsay at the home of dear friend Linda Boyle. Day 2 is only 135k to another friend Greg Shikaze near Donald and Haliburton. There my bike buddy Hal Judd will be … Continue reading 20210903 ONXL day 1

My ONXL Bikepack Ontario Epic 4,100km ride starts September 9th!

For this epic bikepacking route and ride I have to thank Matthew Kadey for laying down the following challenges on his BT 700 Bikepacking site... Those who are really ambitious will combine both the GNR and BT 700 in what I call the BT XL. Also complete the Cannonball 300 route at any time and … Continue reading My ONXL Bikepack Ontario Epic 4,100km ride starts September 9th!

Toronto loop ride on beautiful serene trails of 72kms

This cycling route is one of my local favourites and illustrates why Toronto is consistently rated one of the top cities to live in the world. About 67k (93%) of 72k of this route is on paved trails...primarily the Humber River Trail, Waterfront Trail, Don River Trail and the Finch Corridor Trail. Spinning along these … Continue reading Toronto loop ride on beautiful serene trails of 72kms

2021-04-23 A Toronto north loop ride

April 23rd I enjoyed a 127km ride on a Toronto north loop I created with RideWithGPS using off-road paths and trails where possible. To stay safe during Covid I took four bottles of water with me so that I wouldn't have to stop at any store along the way. Wish I had taken more water … Continue reading 2021-04-23 A Toronto north loop ride

Oak Ridges Moraine Trail Bikepacking Trip, November 2020

I would like to thank good friend Hal Judd for inviting me on an Oak Ridges Moraine Trail (ORMT) scouting bikepacking trip in November 2020. Hal had explored parts of the western end on some day rides and had liked the trails he found. We wanted to see if we could enjoy riding the entire … Continue reading Oak Ridges Moraine Trail Bikepacking Trip, November 2020

My bikepacking rides…

On last weekend's Grand Nith Ramble (GNR) bikepacking ride with friends we had some enjoyable chats about our past rides. The bike sure is a wonderful way to explore the world! This got me to revisit and re-enjoy my past bikepacking blogs and photos. To make them easy to find and share with others I … Continue reading My bikepacking rides…