20230512 Nikolo to Ivanovo, Bulgaria

I rode 134 km today for a total of 1312 km. On the route I'm at 1318 km with 994 km left to Bucharest: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42554061 Today was an enjoyable ride on mostly quiet country roads. There were some views of the Danube, but the main enjoyable views were of pastoral fields and small tributaries. There was … Continue reading 20230512 Nikolo to Ivanovo, Bulgaria

20230511 Oryahovo to Nikolo, Bulgaria

I rode 107 km today for a total of 1178 km. On the route I'm at 1186 km with 1126 km left to Bucharest: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42554061 This morning my right hip hurt walking enough that I thought I might be using a cane soon! Luckily it isn't hurting yet on the bike.  Today the headwind was really … Continue reading 20230511 Oryahovo to Nikolo, Bulgaria

20230510 Vidin to Oryahovo, Bulgaria

Rode today 133 km for a total of 1071 km. At 1078 km on the route ... https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42554061 The route out of Vidin went by some very derelict abandoned Soviet era buildings on a rough potholed road. It foreshadowed the day ahead. I didn't enjoy today's ride on very rough roads with no paved shoulders, … Continue reading 20230510 Vidin to Oryahovo, Bulgaria

20230509 Tekija, Serbia, to Vidin, Bulgaria

Ridden today 130 km for a total of 938 km. On Route at 948 km. Wake up. Coffee and chocolate bars from host for breakfast. Pack. Panic as I can't find my expensive rain jacket and worry I have left it 40k back on the route. Turns out my host had moved it off my … Continue reading 20230509 Tekija, Serbia, to Vidin, Bulgaria

20230507 Pančevo to Cezava, Serbia

Riden today 140 km, for total 725 km. On Route at 725 km. I slept in and didn't get started until 10am as I was put drinking and talking with my new friends David and Nenad and didn't get to bed until after midnight.  Enjoyed the sunny ride on quiet streets and dike trails (a … Continue reading 20230507 Pančevo to Cezava, Serbia

20230506 Bačka Palanka to Pančevo, Serbia

Riden today 163 km. Riden total 585.  On Route at 579 km. Also rode 8 km in Pančevo with my new Serbian buddies (see below). This will be a short blog as it is past midnight...because today has been the best kind of serendipity. The ride was ok but there were some long climbs and lots … Continue reading 20230506 Bačka Palanka to Pančevo, Serbia

20230505 Zmajevac (Crotia) to Bačka Palanka (Serbia) on Eurovelo 6

Today I rode 135 km for a total of 422 km. On my planned route I'm at 379 km.  The day started well. My host gave me a nice large lunch. The route was pretty nice with long stretches of dike path (a little rough) in the morning. On the dike path the police stopped … Continue reading 20230505 Zmajevac (Crotia) to Bačka Palanka (Serbia) on Eurovelo 6

20230505 Stopped by Crotian police!

This morning on Eurovelo 6 in Crotia the police stopped me and asked for my identification. Same spot last night that the police forebade me to camp anywhere except a paid camping ground. They also warned about the wild pigs or boars and bugs (getting stung frequently by a small wasp like bug). So my … Continue reading 20230505 Stopped by Crotian police!

20230504 Harta (Hungary) to Zmajevac (Crotia)

I woke up at 6am at the Zorandokszallas Pilgerherberge (pilgrim house) and had the left over freeze dried scrambled eggs and two cups of coffee. Wrote Juhasne a nice thank you note in their guest book (google translated to Hungarian).  On the EV6 trail I stopped to put on some butt cream and while I … Continue reading 20230504 Harta (Hungary) to Zmajevac (Crotia)

20230503 Budapest to Harta on Eurovelo 6

Couldn't start until almost 10am as I had to get SIM card. But soon I was enjoying the Eurovelo 6 route. Today it was an enjoyable mixture of bicycle paths (paved, dirt, and some on top of flood control dikes) and small quiet roads. I had a couple of bike problems. I had to stop … Continue reading 20230503 Budapest to Harta on Eurovelo 6