20230503: Budapest. Starting Danube River bikepacking trip.

Yesterday Anneli and I finished a fabulous Budapest to Amsterdam river cruise. Anneli flew home and I flew back to Budapest. I retrieved my bike in a box from luggage storage and put all the pieces back together.

I needed a phone SIM card because my previously purchased “Orange” card was finished and I couldn’t add to it as there was no English on their app and website. Unfortunately just a Hungary only SIM sold at the airport. So using airport wifi I did a google cycling route to my hotel. Unfortunately it routed me onto a busy road that had a “no bicycles” sign. Luckily I found a bicycle path that took me to my hotel (Sarokhaz Panzio
Üllői út 845, 2220, Hungary) which was very bicycle friendly.

This morning I had breakfast at the hotel and left about 7am. Looking for a SIM I went to the nearby big shopping plaza. The main TESCO supermarket store opened at 6am but the Vodaphone shop opens at 9am. Then I will get to start my 4,100 km bikepacking trip from Budapest along the Danube River (Eurovelo 6) to the Black Sea and back along the Iron Curtain Trail to Belgrade (Eurovelo 13).

My route https://ridewithgps.com/routes/41749524

#gregbikingwithoutborders, #cyclepathoakville, #eurovelo, #bikepacking

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