20230508 Cezava to Tekija, Serbia

Riden today 83 km for total 808 km. On Route at 808 km

Woke up in my tent cold and stiff. Forecast was rain until noon. Luckily it hadn’t started yet so I dismantled my tent and moved everything including my bike under the common shelter. I had a breakfast of freeze dried scrambled eggs, a package of buckwheat-chocolate porridge and Tim Horton’s free dried coffee. 

I packed up my tent etc and cleaned and oiled the bike’s chain. 

The other cyclist (German, 68) said he was going to wait until the rain past. I decided to head out and do some kms before it rained. Per the forecast it soon  started to rain and didn’t stop until the afternoon. Putting rain gear on and off several times when the rain stopped for a bit. 

Visited for over two hours an amazing archeological site of the first permanent settlement in Europe, about 10,000 years old. It was discovered as part the archeological work done before the Iron gorge dam flooded this part of the Danube. The site was recontructed above the flooded are with the same artefacts and replicas of the skeletons. It is housed in a huge impressive glass building. 

Some very steep 10% long climbs along sections of this Iron Gates Gorge. 

Got to Tekija where I had booked an home apartment stay. But no internet coverage so didn’t have directions to it. A local walking policeman (who didn’t speak Englished) walked me to the address. 

The host’s daughter luckily spoke English. They were able to get me on the last and only (due to the weather) small boat cruise of the Iron Gorge and its famous sites. After a great Panorama Restaurant meal of their home made piquant sausages and a local beer I fell into bed andbasleep in seconds. A very short day due to the rain and hills, but mostly due to taking the time to stop and experience this beautiful Danube. And also to record my thoughts and photos in my blogs. 


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