20230509 Tekija, Serbia, to Vidin, Bulgaria

Ridden today 130 km for a total of 938 km. On Route at 948 km.

Wake up. Coffee and chocolate bars from host for breakfast. Pack. Panic as I can’t find my expensive rain jacket and worry I have left it 40k back on the route. Turns out my host had moved it off my bike and hung it up to dry. 

It is grey, cold (10C), and a 25kph headwind but not raining. However very soon it started raining and so I had to stop and put on my rain gear, unplug my phone and put on its clear rain cover. It rained lightly until mid afternoon. For lunch I stopped in a town at a small quick food restaurant. But first I had to find and get money from an atm. An afternoon snack was a can of tuna and a pastry. 

At rhe Serbian into Bulgarian border I took a photo of a Eurovelo sign that had a great saying … “You are leaving Serbia. Don’t cry because it’s over – smile because it happened…” … See the photo below for the rest. 

My Serbian A1 card stopped working in Bulgaria. My RideWithGps route navigation is offline so I could make my way to my destination city Vidin. But for finding accomodation in Vidin I had to use Maps.me which has pretty good offline information and routing. The first hotel I rode to required calling someone. The second hotel had someone physically at reception…and who guarded my bike all night in the foyer. Dinner and breakfast was food bought at a supermarket. 

When I finished dinner I realized I had entered another timezone and it was now 11pm! Exhausted, I fell into bed and asleep. This blog is being written the next morning. Now to pack and enjoy riding another day on Eurovelo 6 … now in Bulgaria!


#gregbikingwithoutborders, #cyclepathoakville, #eurovelo, #bikepacking

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