20230514 Ruse to Silistra, Bulgaria

I rode 137 km today for a total of 1483 km. Some long steep climbs totalling 1104 m. This Danube route is not flat! On my route I’m at 1475 km with 560 km left to finishing at Constanta on the Black Sea: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42554061

I woke up to discover my front tire was flat. I thought how lucky to have the flat here rather than out on the route. I took out the inner tube that I had just put in yesterday. It was my spare special super light tube. I discovered a super tiny leak caused by some rubbing abrasion that probably happened in my bikepacking bag. I patched the leak but put it in a cloth bag and packed it as a backup. Instead I put in the new heavier duty tube that I bought yesterday. 

In Ruse for Anneli I stopped to take a photo of a statue of Lyuben Stoychev Karavelov (c. 1834 – 1879) who was a Bulgarian writer and an important figure of the Bulgarian National Revival. 

It was interesting to see new factory buildings being put up by derelict ones. I guess no one is going to pay to demolish the old derelict buildings. 

On my route out of the city there was a super long lineup of trucks. I guess waiting for access to Ruse’s dock area. 

Soon I was away from the busy streets and the day looked promising…except for the strong constant easterly headwind (see the video clip of some plastic blowing in the wind). The many small villages seemed better off than on previous days. One even had a central park with toilets, just when I needed one. The last 40 km was on back country rough pave and dirt roads through fields. With only about 25 km to go the trail became so overgrown it disappeared. I stopped a guy on a motorcycle to ask about the trail. He said that the trail wasn’t usable anymore as it got too overgrown and was too muddy when it rained. Besides adding at least 40 km there was no option but to bushwack 5 km to the next village and paved road. The path was badly rutted and overgrown with  bushed/trees that had huge thorns. At the end there was a very steep long push a bike section.Thankfully the rest of the route to Silistra was smooth riding. 

At the hotel I discovered that the rear bike rack mounting loop rod had sheared through at one of the two clamps. So I’m going to finish this post and see if I can MacGyver it together. Tomorrow passing into Romania. 


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