20230513 Ivanovo to Ruse, Bulgaria (version 2)

Reposting with all the photos.

I rode just 34 km today for a total of 1346 km. On the route I’m at 1340 km with 695 km left to Constanta on the Black Sea: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42554061

Yes, only 34 kms today! Last night I read this article https://madamebulgaria.com/ruse/ that Ruse is the “Little Vienna” and a must visit spot. So I decided to spend most of today exploring and staying in Ruse.

Tomorrow I’ll bike 130k to Silistra (another interesting city) and on the border with Romania.

Today I visited the amazing Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo. 

https://whc.unesco.org/en/list/45/. I have to agree with UNESCO “The frescoes of the Ivanovo churches reveal an exceptional artistry and a remarkable artistic sensitivity for 14th century painting.” See the link and my photos. 

My tire plug failed, spewing all the Stan’s sealant on the ground. I removed the tubeless valve and put in my last spare inner tube. Both tires converted from tubeless with sealant to regular inner tubes. Unfortunately my experience is that tubeless sealant in smaller diameter higher pressure tires doesn’t seal even very small holes. 

Once in Ruse and checked in at Ruse Central Hotel ($35C) I explored the city, walking about 10 kms. Ruse does have a “Little Vienna” Western European feel to it, especially the architecture. Lots of pedestrian ways and parks. I explored a  large crafts fair (bought some handcrafted earrings for my sweetheart), the impressive history museum, a Danube wildlife museum, enjoyed some outdoor contemporary music, walked along the Danube pedestrian and bicycle way and at a recommended small restaurant had a tasty Hungarian pork dish and a local beer. Tomorrow Silistra and the Bulgarian-Romanian border. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I am missing Anneli!


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