20230515 Silistra, Bulgaria, to Seimeni, Romania

I rode 106 km today for a total of 1589 km. Climbs totalling 1155 m. On my route I’m at 1582 km with 453 km left to finishing at Constanta on the Black Sea: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42554061

Today’s route was enjoyable, winding up and down through small towns and countryside with several views of the Danube. On the rougher road I had to cycle slower than normal to ensure my fixed cracked rear rack held together. 

Today I caught up to and had the great pleasure of riding for a while with Mathis and Eno (spelling?), young guys from Berlin, Germany. I was able to catch them because they have heavier touring bikes and gear. They work in timber building design and construction industry. They were cycling from Bucharest to Constanta, but direct, not my loop along the Danube trail to the delta and then to Constanta. However we plan to meet up again when I get to Constanta on Friday. They both carried a stick to scare the scores of vicious dogs that have been chasing them and me daily in Bulgaria and Romania. These dogs, which seem to be everywhere, are one of the reasons that I have not tried free camping yet. 

After leaving Silistra in Bulgaria and entering Romania, along this stretch there are only small villages with very few hotels or guest houses and no campgrounds. So I decided to only ride 106 km and stay at Hotel Restaurant Domneasca on beautiful Lake Domneasca Mare near the small town of Seimeni. I am the only customer in this medium size hotel. They cooked me a delicious meal of fish soup and a huge plate of pork chops and fries with a glass of Romanian red wine. 

My “fixed” cracked rear rack held together today!

Happy Birthday Merike. Sad we couldn’t connect today. Hopefully soon. Ma armastan sind, igavesti!


#gregbikingwithoutborders, #cyclepathoakville, #eurovelo, #bikepacking

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