20230516 Seimeni to Măcin, Romania

I rode 133 km today for a total of 1722 km. Climbed 1225 m. On my route I’m at 1718 km with 317 km left to finishing at Constanta, at 2030 km, on the Black Sea: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42554061

I had a delicious breakfast at Hotel Restaurant Domneasca. It was a pleasure to put on clean kit that I had washed last night and dried outside in the strong wind overnight. 

The forecast had said the wind would blowing hard all day at about 30 kph with gusts to 45 kph. Luckily the wind had shifted from east to south-east and the route was now headed more northerly so I sometimes had a tailwind. 

It was an really enjoyable ride with some wind assistance, smooth quiet roads, farmland, many sheep herds with shepherds, and interesting small villages. 

Most of the day I was riding through farmland to the horizon. It seems like serious large-scale business. I took a photo of a farmer on his hands and knees inspecting the soil. 

At the top of a long climb a large lorry had pulled over and the driver was out waiting for me. I stopped and found out in broken English and sign language that he was a cyclist and wanted to say hi. He asked if we could connect on Strava and I told him I used RideWithGps instead. I gave him my calling card and we are now friends on Facebook and he is following my blogs. 

In Măcin I’m staying at a really nice hotel for $59 Cad. To save money I bought dinner and breakfast at the local supermarket. I hope the sheep baaing and dogs barking don’t keep me awake!

Tomorrow Wednesday I will probably stop and stay in Tulcea and Thursday take a Danube Delta day trip. Probably from the following tour operator … https://www.discoverdanubedelta.com/private-guided-day-trip-open-boat/ … the #3 Tulcea – Mila23 – Letea (11 hour) trip. 

Then Friday I’ll continue and finish in Constanta. 


#gregbikingwithoutborders, #cyclepathoakville, #eurovelo, #bikepacking

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