20220922 ONXL Day 15

Today 103k for 2,021k. From near Palgrave (at Sarah Caylor's home) to near Coppins Corners (camping). Following the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail. Km 23 to 27 will need a reroute as it is through farmers fields that are so densely packed with corn or soybeans or weeds that even hiking is almost impossible. The four … Continue reading 20220922 ONXL Day 15

20220921 ONXL Day 14

Today 146k for 1918k. From Collingwood (at David and Gail Jeffries) to Palgrave (at Sarah Caylor). David in the morning drove me back to where I left the route yesterday. I enjoyed riding the Blue Mountain trails with the amazing views of Georgian Bay. My legs were tired from yesterday's hefty climbing, so today's climbing … Continue reading 20220921 ONXL Day 14

20220920 ONXL Day 13

Today 143k for 1772k. Meaford to Collingwood. Staying with great friends Jeffries, who tomorrow will drive me back to where I left the route. Today the hills were brutal and many of the roads newly plowed, making  cycling a hard slow slog. Enjoyed the several sections of single track. Here's the Relive video with photos: … Continue reading 20220920 ONXL Day 13

20220919 ONXL Day 12

Today 162k for 1,629k. From Juhan's farm near Sauble Beach to Hills airbnb in Meaford. Some harder single track, tough climbs, and a couple of killer steep hike-a-bike sections. These were offset by a tailwind most of the way. Here's the Relive video with photos: https://www.relive.cc/view/vYvEAQJWjGv Coming into Meaford I saw this Hills bike shop … Continue reading 20220919 ONXL Day 12

20220918 ONXL Day 11

Today only 78 for 1,467k. Short day as I stopped to visit and stay with my friend Juhan. The ride started with a couple of hours of lightening and rain so hard I almost couldn't see. Enjoyed the MacGregor Park single track. Tomorrow back to a longer ride. Here's my Relive video and photos. https://www.relive.cc/view/vNOP4NKKB2OContinue reading 20220918 ONXL Day 11

20220917 ONXL Day 10

Today 175k for 1,389k. From New Hamburg (on GNR route) to Paisley (on BT700 route) where I am camping in the Paisley Campground. Vicky only charges cyclists  $20! Hot shower. But first dinner at the really hip Paisley Common, which more belongs in Toronto than in sleepy Paisley. Check the photo in the video. Today … Continue reading 20220917 ONXL Day 10

20220916 ONXL Day 9

Today from Mount Pleasant (farmer's field) to New Hamburg (Inn) for 111k and 1,214k total so far. Shortest day as I had to stop four times to pump up my front tire as it was leaking through a sidewall gash that the sealant couldn't seal fully. Replaced the tire at Wheels on Peel in New … Continue reading 20220916 ONXL Day 9

20220914 ONXL Day 7

I took day 6 off in Wallaceburg to let my butt boil and rashes heal a little. Today from Wallaceburg to Port Stanley for 177k and 949k total so far. In Chatham at Smith Cycle I bought super comfortable Endura Pro bib shorts to replace my old shorts that caused the butt boil and rashes. … Continue reading 20220914 ONXL Day 7

20220912 ONXL Day 5

Today 144k and so far 772k. Airbnb by Pinery Provincial Park to motel in Wallaceburg. Even with the flat route I found today tough because of 30kph headwinds and a raw painful derriere! The moleskin patches helped. Taking tomorrow off to let my derriere heal. Relive video with photos https://www.relive.cc/view/vYvEAQJWjGv To help https://bikeswithoutborders.org/ empower marginalized … Continue reading 20220912 ONXL Day 5

20220911 ONXL Day 4

Today 185k and so far 628k. Ingersol (motel) to Airbnb by Pinery Provincial Park. Here's my Relive video with photos  https://www.relive.cc/view/vXOnZJzwpBO To help https://bikeswithoutborders.org/ empower marginalized people with free refurbished bicycles please donate at https://www.canadahelps.org/en/pages/bikepack-ontario-epic-4000km-fundraising-ride-for-/  Cheers…Greg ​Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance you have to keep moving. -- Albert Einstein​ #Bikepacking, #BikepackOntario, … Continue reading 20220911 ONXL Day 4