20230510 Vidin to Oryahovo, Bulgaria

Rode today 133 km for a total of 1071 km. At 1078 km on the route …


The route out of Vidin went by some very derelict abandoned Soviet era buildings on a rough potholed road. It foreshadowed the day ahead. I didn’t enjoy today’s ride on very rough roads with no paved shoulders, busy with lots of large trucks (that always gave me as much room as possible and no honking) with only a couple of views of the Danube. Because of this I could not use my more relaxing and efficient aerobars. The towns were uninteresting, old and rundown. The only exception was one larger more modern town with a lovely flower filled pedestrian and cycling path.

Finished today in Oryahovo and stayed at By The River hotel. BGN 40 about $30 CAD. Walked up a km long steep cobblestone street to the town’s very small food store to buy a simple dinner (prepared sausage, potatoe and veg salad and cream filled horn pastries) and breakfast (yogurt with cereal cup, nuts, iced coffee energy drink) to eat at the hotel. I had thought about dinner at a recommended restaurant (great food and inexpensive) but it was closed. 

Called Anneli. Told her that probably I would shorten my route. I would continue of the route to Constanta on the Black sea. Then instead of coming back along the Danube all the way to Belgrade, I would come back to Bucharest. 

So shortening route to: Budapest to Black Sea and back to Bucharest. 2312 km total (vs Belgrade and 3,060 km). 1078 km done. 1234 km remaining. So probably 12 days (including 2 days siteseeing).

Planned tomorrow. No rain but east headwind of 25kph gusting to 40 kph, which will make it a hard and so probably a short day. Given the available towns and places to stay it looks like either 100 km or 145 km day. 

Using a new weather app called Windy that seems very accurate, that a Serbian recommended. Also using my favourite Weather Underground. 

From today’s rough roads and pushing into a heavy headwind, my right hip hurt more than usual (arthritis) and my right shoulder was starting to hurt. The body is getting older and slower…but I am blessed to still be able to enjoy these long cycling trips.


#gregbikingwithoutborders, #cyclepathoakville, #eurovelo, #bikepacking

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