20230512 Nikolo to Ivanovo, Bulgaria

I rode 134 km today for a total of 1312 km. On the route I’m at 1318 km with 994 km left to Bucharest: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42554061

Today was an enjoyable ride on mostly quiet country roads. There were some views of the Danube, but the main enjoyable views were of pastoral fields and small tributaries. There was 1189 metres of climbing, including two very long steep (~10%) climbs. On one town’s cobbled streets the tire plug started to leak, so I stopped and let it seal again, and had an ice cream cone while I waited. 

In Ivanovo I’m staying at this cute eclectically designed small hotel, комплекс Манастира (Monastery Complex). Owned and run by a very friendly helpful young women (best friend lives in Toronto) and her mother. Unfortunatley her husband is in hospital with Cirrhosis of the liver even though he doesn’t drink. Her grade six son speaks perfect English and it is his favourite subject. He wants to be a footballer. He is only the second person in Bulgaria that I could talk with. The dinner the woman cooked was so delicious.

Currently I am the only person in the hotel, but tonight a bus load of Ukrainian tourists arrive!

As recommended by the hotel owner I plan to visit the Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo from the 12th century (off route 6 km x 2) and the Rock Monastery St. Dimitar Basarabovski (off route 2 km x 2).


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