20230517 Măcin to Tulcea (and the Danube Delta), Romania

I rode 113 today for a total of 1835 km. Climbing 897 m. So I can finish my ride tomorrow, I’m taking the following Eurovelo 6 alternative route which shortens the distance from Tulcea to Constanta, on the Black Sea, from 200 to only 144 kms …


Today’s ride was not enjoyable as most of it was on highways with no paved shoulder and lots of fast cars and large trucks. The passing trucks always gave me as much space as possible. But sometimes the ongoing traffic forced them pretty close to me. The worst were expensive cars going very fast and twice oncoming cars passing in my lane came inches from me. I was so glad to finish my ride in Tulcea. 

That evening my new German cycling friends Ole and Mathis (who I cycled with two days ago) came by train from Constanta, joined me for dinner, and tomorrow we are going out on a private Danube Delta boat tour that I found and booked during stops on my ride today. 

Another German cyclist Alexandra (who I met in a previous town and also came by train for a Danube Delta tour) joined us for a drink as well. 


#gregbikingwithoutborders, #cyclepathoakville, #eurovelo, #bikepacking

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